Who we are

West Road and Westley Community are two congregations but one church, located on the west side of Bury St Edmunds. While West Road offers a more formal setting, Westley offers a more relaxed environment. Albeit, both congregations hold the same core values: Love God, Share Jesus and Grow Together.

Our Values

As a church, we believe we should be more than an ‘organisation to join’, rather be a family to belong to. It is more than membership but discipleship, making disciples and deepening relationships. Thus we have the following values to maintain this ethos and the core DNA of the church:

LOVE GOD FIRST in all we do and say. We want to show our love for God so as to obey the first commandment

VALUE EVERYONE – in all we do and say, despite our differences we want to sacrificially love, respect and encourage others

COMMIT TO ONE ANOTHER in all we do and say. We want to encourage others to belong, enjoy and grow in our church

SERVE WITH EXCELLENCE in all we do and say. We want to give our best to God, to His church and to the community we serve.


As a church, our purpose and what we seek to do each day is to Love God, Share Jesus & Grow Together. We seek to offer people who are seeking God both a safe place and opportunities to discover their significance in Chris

This mission means we plan to grow from a 2 site church of around 300 to a larger multi-site church in excess of 500 people in the future. Such growth plans are to be supported by restructuring to provide clarity and help with decision making as we seek to implement our mission more effectively in the future.