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We’ve got some great activities for you and your family to get involved in with ways you can light up our town this year. 

Head to our YouTube playlist below to get started with some crafts, or go to our Advent Calendar each day for a surprise!


We are so glad that you want to be an angel this year. Thank you!

You have an opportunity to bring good news to people who are struggling, marginalised or vulnerable this Christmas. We do not want kids, the elderly, lonely or vulnerable going hungry in our town, especially after such a tough year with the pandemic.


Our target for total donations this year

With this money, we would be able to:

Support local families, lonely, elderly and vulnerable people; keep our food bank topped up throughout winter; provide for people who are struggling financially to pay for heating and other essentials.

West Road and Westley Community Church will keep you updated via social media on the progress of the campaign, plus some highlights of your donations being pumped straight back into the community.


covers the cost of one hamper (shown on the left),  delivered. 

Don’t worry if you cannot afford £45. Every penny counts – anything you give will help cover the costs of items in each hamper.  Together, we can be angels for the most needy in our town this Christmas time. 

Be the good news to someone who needs it by giving below. Thank you.